Free Moxie Shirt & Chair

Free Moxie T-Shirt & Chair!

Simple Instructions:
1. Follow this link.
2. Log in.
3. Go back to your regular Stardoll page; Voile!
The shirt should be in a gift box, and the chair should be in a Moxie bag.

Any problems? Please comment, and I'll fix it!

8 Free Black Star Items!

Free Black Star Items!

As what I'm guessing is Stardoll's Reward to US users, these free Black Star items may upset some users, considering most of us already have them, thanks to proxies.

To get the free pink dress click here, and watch the video, and the dress should appear in your suite.

To get the free spike boots, pink party dress, and tights, follow this link, dress up Avril, and submit. All entrants get these three items.
Also, if your entry wins, the grand prize is a whopping

If you visit the campaign page again on the following dates, you get a free "Thanks For Visiting" Gift:
Sept 30th - Black Star T-Shirt
Oct 7th - Studded Purse
Oct 14th - Pink T-Shirt With Tie
Oct 21st-

Stardoll Copycat!

Uh Oh! Stardoll Copycat? 's Ashley Tisdale Dress-Up game has copycat versions of the clothes in Stardoll's Ashley Tisdale Dress-up and ohers, four of Stardoll's hairs, and the Boheme Interior, and several of Stardoll's decorations!
It's clear that they were taken from stardoll, and not the other way around, from the not-so-great of a job they did of changing the clothes and hair, such as the Inspired my Betsey Johnson dress. The only editing that was done was a yellow-ish tint laid over it. But does Stardoll own this site, or not?
Here are some of the stolen items:



Please comment, and notify me if I missed any.

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Post title: BIG Copycat Alert, soovintage

Get the Look: Street Chic Daily

Get the Look: Street Chic Daily
New York Fashion Week with Kate Davidson Hudson

"ELLE’s Kate Davidson Hudson is on trend with a fitted bomber, bandage dress, and fierce open-toed ankle boots."
Photo by: Anne Ziegler

Free Fame Clothes!

Free Outfit from Fame

You can get three free, adorable pieces with a few simple steps.

1. Go to, or another UK proxy.
2. In the URL bar, type in
3. Log in to your account.
4. Go back to your regular account, and, voile! The outfit should be there!

Free Hot Buys Purse

Free Hot Buys Purse!

The new Hot Buys bag is out, but it's not labeled as Hot Buys. It's actually labeled as a Stardoll 30 million members Gold Chain Link Purse. I think it may be a glitch, so get it while it's free, before they fix it!

Get the Look: Street Chic Daily

Get the Look: Street Chic Daily
New York goes for the gold

"Go for the gold when accessorizing a white shirtdress."
Photo by: Kelly Stuart

Non-Superstar Hot Buys!

Non-Superstar Hot Buys Beret!

Now non-superstars can hop on the Hot Buys train with this new adorable Studded Beret! It's not only cute, but it's affordable, costing only 5 stardollars. You could buy it with your Play & Earn money, and not have to spend a dime of your own!

Get the Look: Street Chic Daily

Get the Look: Street Chic Daily
New York in rugged ankle boots

"Rugged ankle boots add a rough edge to a playful romper."
Photo by: Kelly Stuart

Get the Look: Street Chic Daily

Get the Look: Street Chic Daily
Biker meets Hippie in New York

"An edgy biker tank and hippie-chic fringed purse perfectly complement one another."
Photo by: Kelly Stuart

Free Lilac PSP Gifts

Free Gifts! And lots of them!

You can get a free guitar, t-shirt, surfboard, dart board, and tote bag, all in an adorable lilac color!

Here's How:
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Type in in the URL box.
Step 3: Log in.
Step 4: Close the window, and go to your normal stardoll page, and they should all be in gift boxes in your suite!