Stardoll Copycat!

Uh Oh! Stardoll Copycat? 's Ashley Tisdale Dress-Up game has copycat versions of the clothes in Stardoll's Ashley Tisdale Dress-up and ohers, four of Stardoll's hairs, and the Boheme Interior, and several of Stardoll's decorations!
It's clear that they were taken from stardoll, and not the other way around, from the not-so-great of a job they did of changing the clothes and hair, such as the Inspired my Betsey Johnson dress. The only editing that was done was a yellow-ish tint laid over it. But does Stardoll own this site, or not?
Here are some of the stolen items:



Please comment, and notify me if I missed any.

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Post title: BIG Copycat Alert, soovintage


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