Free Avril Lavigne Black Star Perfume & Bracelet

Free Bracelet and Perfume
& Access to new shop, Black Star!


You can get them in a few steps by joining Avril Lavigne's new club Black Star, promoting her new fragrance. You get the free perfume whan you join, and a free studded bracelet when you invite a friend. The club is for Swedish users only, so if you want the items and access to the Avril Lavigne Black Star shop, you have to use a manual proxy to get them. But be patient, it takes awhile to load while using the proxy.
When you join the club, you also gain access to the fabulous new store, Black Star. You can also get all the Black Star items into your Stardoll cart by clicking

Port: 80

Instructions for the manual proxy are located here.

& The link to the club is


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