September Hot Buys

Two Words: Hot Buys.

And I think Hot is an understatement. I absolutely love them, and I'm planning on buying almost everything. I adore the pink and black dress, and the leopard print coat is to die for. The Miami top is adorable as well. The leggings remind me of a kaleidoscope; the word that comes to mind is euphoria. I love it. The Candie's bag is throwing me off, though. Why is it with the Hot Buys? Maybe the person who added it to the Hot Buys is the same one who has been causing so many glitches around the site, lately. First it was the Hot Buys gold shoes,-I'm not complaining about that one, most of us got a hot free pair of shoes because of it- but then the Hot Buys socks were about 2 days late for their release date, and then the Hot Buys striped sweaters, and now the sunglasses!


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